Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, it's been a while. Does anyone even read these?

Huh, well now I don't even know what to say on here. It's been so long since I've even posted anything, does anyone still read this?

Well I guess I should start with the kids first. Give a few updates on them.

Andrew is ALMOST done with 1st grade. He is counting down the days till the end. he is so ready to sleep late and stay at the pool all day. he has done SO well this year. When he started this year he was kind of behind. But now he has not only caught up but is ahead of the class! Which is so good being we made him repeat kindergarden. I worried that it would affect him this year, which it has but in a great way! he has made so many friends and just grown and learned so much too. I am always amazed by Andrew! Such a sweet, smart, handsome boy!

Austin is still very much into ALL things super hero's! He goes back and forth from Batman to Spiderman. Including to telling you his name is either Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker. He jumps and punches EVERYTHING!!!! He lives in a costume most days and has a cape on at all times.

My famous last words growing up were that I'd NEVER let my child live in a costume and now I have the child that doesn't ever get out of a costume. It's what I get, I did it to myself I know.

When Austin isn't punching bad guys though he is very sweet too. But he surely ALL boy!

Paul and I are doing well. We bought and moved into a trailer house. It's going well so far, we still have a few things we want to improve on but that will come with time. It sure is nice to have a yard though. And the kids have so much space to run and play.

This weekend we are going up to SA to celebrate Poppy's birthday! I can't believe she is going to be 2 already! I remember our first sleep over with her, the first night in the hospital. So much fun! And he and "the Bubba's" get along so great! The boys call her their sister, which we love. And she follows what they do pretty well. It's helps at dinner time when you are trying to get her to eat for her to see the Bubba's doing what we want her to do. Monkey see, monkey do!

Well, that's all i can think of for now. I'll start blogging again though. So you can see some updates and pictures and such!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kryssy got hitched!!!

All Sorts of new Pictures!

As you see i have updated the pictures on my blog. We took our yearly family pics!

Friday, October 30, 2009

what does it take to get your kid chocolate milk?

We need to go to the grocery store like you wouldn't believe! How is it that you can spend $300 at the store and two weeks later it's all gone? I have 2 boys that's how!
Anyway, we ran out of juice boxes to send with Andrew for his lunch. Well he says he can get chocky milk for a coint(a quarter) and he would rather have that instead. Cool I think to myself and realize we have tons of quarters laying around the house. I tell him to gather all of them he can find and he can use all of those to get his milk at lunch time. Score one for me! Gets some stuff picked up and gets him lunch milk... I rock!

Day 1
I send Andrew to school with a coint in his lunch box and tell him to give it to his teacher so he can get his milk. He comes home mad and sad because he gave the teacher his coint but she "forgot to remember" to get him milk. *sigh* We will try again tomorrow.

Day 2
I send another quarter with him and a note in his folder to the teacher telling her about getting him milk. He comes home again saying he didn't get any milk but his money was still in his bag.
Okay... tomorrow we will get this right, I promise!!!

Day 3
I tape the damn coin to the note to his teacher!! STILL NO MILK!! WTF??? ARE THEY IDIOTS! At this point we have drama and tears and nashing of teeth and whailing.... you get it

Day 4
I walk Andrew to class and talk to the teacher myself and talk to her about the milk delema. trying to be nice to this chick that's half my age and has no clue about how it is to be a mom. She tells me I need to take our milk money to the cafeteria and tell the lunch lady to put it on his account and have her put it on the order for K5 class. Fine.
I go to the lunch lady(cue Adam Sandler song) and she says I need to tell his teacher.

On my way out the door I see the principle, a very nice round man who also has a kid in Andrew's class and i was so frustrated I kinda let him have it. Well not him but I told him of my frustration and he promised me that my child would without a doubt get his milk at lunch time.


All of this just for a tiny carton of milk... sigh

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm pretty sure Mammaw makes my kids look cool.

Since my children were born, more over, since Andrew was born mu mother in law has bought tons of clothes for them. She somehow figures the math in her head as to what size they should be in almost a year ahead of time and buys stuff on sale in those sizes. It's actually really smart. Shoes she doesn't really get for them that far ahead but as far as clothes go when that season comes around she has a closet full of brand new clothes for them. Then when Austin was born she started buying them matching stuff. I am that terrible mother that I always said I would never become and I put the kids in matching outfits or shirts all the time. It actually makes it easier to spot them in places, you know, church classes or the playground. You just look for two boys wearing the same shirts.
Anyway, as mentioned before yesterday was western day at school and andrew went with quite the outfit on, not that cool of one now in retrospect. So today was wear red day, today I had to dress him so he didn't look like a complete dork. Today he wore a brand new outfit given to him Mammaw. He looked so cool today! He wore some black wind pants with a red Kung Fu Panda shirt and all his classmates said how cool he was. I was proud!

Austin lucks out with his close too. Andrew grows so fast he doesn't get the chance to wear out anything so Austin gets great hand me downs. He seems happy with it, or he just doesn't care.

Now if we can just get the chocky milk delema taken care of we are set!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pictures! I hope this works

Miss Poppy May! What a cute smile huh?
Western day Tackiness! Gotta love it!

Halloween costumes

On the train

Austin so excited to ride Ponas!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So much stuff.. so little time to blog

So as my sister has pointed out to me that I need to either blog or not blog but quit stopping and starting. Well not exactly like that but I'm pretty sure she was going along those lines.

So, some catching up on life... Where to begin...

Birthdays! Melissa and I celebrated turning 28 without each other for the first time in our lives, well the 28 obviously, but we usually spend our birthday's together. We saw each other a few days later but it wasn't the same. Melissa wins the gift giving prize every time too. This year she got me a new Vera Bradley purse and I just love it! My co-workers are calling me spoiled, I"m okay with being spoiled. Actually, when we did see each other we were taking all of our kids to ride Thomas the Tank Engine. Even Poppy went too! It was cold and rainy and the shoes I wore gave me some ugly blisters but the kids had a great time. To see Austin's face when he saw Ponas(as he calls him) was priceless. He looked as though he just saw God for the first time. He sat so well on the train ride and didn't really want to do any of the games, he just wanted to sit and ride/ watch Ponas. He was so upset when we left and as soon as we got him in the car his meltdown ended and he crashed out, Ponas overload I guess.

Andrew thought it was cool but he acted as though he had been there and done that, he also got sick the next day and wasn't feeling great the day before.

Since we got back Austin is even more sucked into Ponas. We went through Austin(the city) on our way to ride the train and going through there made me miss living there so bad, I would move back in a heartbeat. I miss it there so much, and I guess I just have such good memories that I want to go back.

Continued on 10/28/09

Andrew has lost his first tooth! He was so proud! The toothfairy came too and he was so excited to spend his money on more junk to rot the rest of his teeth out of his head. He asked what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth she collects, hmmm.... good question. I decided that she takes all those teeth and they are used to make dentures for old people, sounds plosible I think.
He looks so cute with a little gap in his smile, he is waiting on one more to get loose enough to fall out so we can do this all over again.

This week at school was Red Ribbon Week and all the kids get to wear stuff other than their uniforms all week. Andrew was so glad to get a chance to wear something else this week. Monday was pajama day, which I made sure andrew went comfy in. Really, why can't I wear zip up one peices in fleece to work all day? I don't need them to have feet but it sure would be nice to wear that kind of stuff to work. At what age is it not appropriate?
Anyway, today was western day. Andrew went through a phase recently where he wore nothing but cowboy stuff, so grandma got him a hat and boots and some wonderfully tacky shirts. Today, that tacky shirt was perfect!

Austin has discovered that he likes playing Mario Kart on the game cube with his brother and every night they get to play together for a while and both boys really enjoy it. Anything to keep them from fighting sometimes is nice and playing games together has brought them closer.

Austin's newest thing is to call everything a SHARK! And there is nothing worse than the dreaded SHARK BEE! (an ant in his world) It's funny. And when he wants you to do something he will tell you, "Be, be, be funny". Austin is loving having his brother in school again this year and having either mom, dad or his grandparents all to himself for a while.

Life is good for now is "Casa de la sausage Perez"! (that means the Perez house full of boys)

We got over the flu and are looking forward to a fun Halloween! Should be fun! I told Paul I wanted to be a German Beer Maid, he asked"why german" and I said, "cuz over there they don't shave and I don't want to shave". He said I was gross but I thought is was funny.

I tried to upload pictures but blogger isn't having it today... Oh, well...